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  1. After a long, soul searching walk today, I realised that I'm slowly getting over my fear of speed humps :)

    1. Manda


      Way to go, Lea Luu! :) Soon you will zooming over them :D

  2. Mind Blown.

    1. Manda
    2. Lea Luu

      Lea Luu

      By my amazingness :)

    3. Manda


      It is pretty damn amazing!

  3. I sleep in a racing car, do you?

    1. Manda


      NO U.

      Also are you making up for lost time with all your statuses? :P

  4. There is no chat box, only Zool...

    1. Manda


      A cbox means being social. *shudders*

  5. I'm watching you :D

    1. Lea Luu

      Lea Luu

      Oh yeah? You like what you see? ;)

    2. Manda

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