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  1. Nooo assignments.... noooooo......

  2. All hail the glorious flower basket! <3

  3. Cerrignduw information is complete except for family info. (But I shall let people take them up to write if they want!)

    Not because I'm "conserving energy". Nooooooo.

  4. So much inspiration to write! :D

  5. Like all the things!!1!!


    1. Lindi


      Thanks Manda :D


    2. Manda


      No worries! :D

  7. *write write write, gasps for breath and keeps writing*

  8. Software upgraded :D

  9. Whoo hoo! Apps nearly done! :D

  10. @Anna made the lovely banner. <3 It's mega!


  12. is transferring info from the wiki over :D

  13. I'm the reason why we can't have nice things! Thank you, @Nick

  14. I'm watching you :D

    1. Lea Luu

      Lea Luu

      Oh yeah? You like what you see? ;)

    2. Manda
  15. Whoo hoo! New software! :D

  16. Welcome to Guests and past members [align=left]At the moment, LoD is currently just invite only and isn't open to the public to join us. However, if you were a past member of the site you're welcome to reply below. Please include a method of contact so I can get in touch with you to see if you would be interested in having an account. If you're a guest, please bookmark us to check back with us later to see if we're accepting new members. You're also welcome to comment on this board/thread to get to know the members on the site. LoD is a relatively free-form, medieval fantasy rpg, that has a variety of races and cultures. The site was open many years ago and has returned through the dedication of it's past members.

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